Get Up, Close And Personal With Your Games In Your Very Own (Terrifying) ‘Personal Gaming Module’

05.29.13 5 years ago 6 Comments

Two-and-a-half grand welllll spent…

Tired of your old lady getting on your damn back about your gaming? What? You aren’t? She plays too? Okay, well uh…just play along with me here. Thanks.

So anyways, somebody on Craigslist has come up with a solution for when the ol’ ball and chain gets to yap-yap yapping about shutting down the Xbox — a homemade “personal gaming module”. This gaming module, which appears to just be an Xbox 360 and monitor built into an old safe, costs $2500 and in a sweet deal comes with free delivery to anywhere within 100 miles of Youngstown, Ohio!

Hit the jump for the full Craigslist ad…

Mmmm, I wasn’t convinced at first, but “black fleece inner wall lining” really sold me. If you’re going to do your gaming in claustrophobic metal sweat box, do it in style I say.

Seriously though, how much do you want to bet the guy who sells this thing secretly follows the buyer home, waits for them to get in, then jumps out of the bushes, slams the door shut, chains the thing to his truck and drives away? I can think of no other reason why this exists.

via Geekologie

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