Getcha Ridley Scott Stuff Here — Info on Sequels to Prometheus and Blade Runner, and Some New Prometheus Videos and Pics!

05.21.12 6 years ago
It seems as though the science fiction bug has latched itself onto Ridley Scott’s face and planted its seeds, because the guy is positively bursting with plans to do more sci-fi movies in the near future.

First Scott is on record as saying he hopes to work on a sequel to Prometheus after he finishes his current project (the Cormac McCarthy-penned ‘The Counselor’). He also has a sequel to Blade Runner in the works — the new Blade Runner is being scripted by the writer of the original movie, Hampton Fancher and is confirmed by Scott to be a true sequel as opposed to a prequel/remake/reimagining. Oh, and don’t worry, 100-year-old mumbly Harrison Ford won’t be starring — the new Blade Runner will instead focus on a new female protagonist.

But enough about future Ridley Scott films, what about the one that’s coming out in a couple weeks? We’ve got the newest Prometheus viral video after the jump — it’s not quite as great as the first one starring Michael Fassbender’s “David”, but it’s got Noomi Rapace and her surprisingly sexy Swedish accent (the Swedish Chef she’s not) so check it out.

via The Playlist, ComicBookMovie, The Hollywood Reporter & Blastr

Hit page 2 for some new pics from Prometheus, and just for the hell of it, a Coors Light commercial that surprisingly contains a bunch of shots I’ve never seen.

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