Gird Your Loins: The McRib Is Coming Back

10.25.11 6 years ago


Up until last year McDonald’s would temporarily bring the McRib back in “selected markets” once in a while, and by “selected markets” I mean “not where you or I live because McDonald’s hates us on a personal level”. Then, last year, McDonald’s announced their first nationwide return of the McRib in 16 years. It was back for only six weeks, and now they’ve tweeted they’re bringing it back again:

The rumors are true, friends. The #McRib is back in restaurants nationwide today! However, it’s only for a limited time, so don’t miss out!

Last year when we wrote about this, I said, “My gall bladder’s whinging just thinking about the punishment it’s about to receive.” Good news: I no longer have a gall bladder (Thanks, McRib!), so now I have to find something else to punish with McRibs (you’re next, spleen). And if you’re wondering what this has with geek news, the answer is why do you hate America? Okay, here’s a geek-related bit of news: an electric version of the DeLorean in the picture to the right is going to be coming back to the market next year. So all kinds of retro stuff is coming back to disappoint us once we attain it; speaking of which, anybody want some naked pics of Kathleen Turner? Recent ones.

[Hat tip: Geekosystem. Picture via SuperPoop (which is also what we’ll be having with these McRibs).]

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