‘Goat Simulator’ In Real Life Is One Part Adorable, One Part Horrifying

Ruh oh.

Wreaking havoc amongst the dead-eyed, ragdolling automatons that populate Goat Simulator is all in good fun, but what if a goat with terrifying God-like powers was unleashed on the real world? That might be a bit more disconcerting, but then again, if the goat from Goat Simulator were real, you might get to pet the goat from Goat Simulator. I’m kind of torn here, guys!

You can check out a live-action take on Goat Simulator by YouTuber Stefman398 below

You know what? I’ve made up my mind — I think Goat Simulator being real would be a good thing, but then I’m generally in favor of anything set to a boppy ska soundtrack, even mass goat-related destruction.

Via Kotaku