‘Goodbye, Ghibli’ Is The Greatest Tribute To Studio Ghibli And It Comes From An Unlikely Source

With the impending closure of Studio Ghibli looming on the horizon, I guess some thought it was a good time to pay tribute to the studio that brought us so many classic films.

The odd bit is how this comes from Animation Domination High-Def, the folks responsible for all those Scientifically Accurate videos and whatever piece of phantom programming Fox alleges to have on Saturday nights. I’ve never seen it and won’t acknowledge the existence.

I will acknowledge this great tribute though. It almost stirs up the same kind of emotion those Ghibli films stir up inside and it rivals The Simpsons tribute from last season. I’d probably put this one above it based on the tone alone. It’s sweet, sad, and full of happy moments.

(Via Animation Domination High-Def)