‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Is The Next Victim Of The Delay Curse

Supposedly, this fall, Grand Theft Auto V will be released for next-gen consoles and the PC. We say “supposedly” because increasingly it’s starting to look like yet another victim of the Delay Curse that has struck down so many this fall.

Here’s superfan Halcyon Death Squad explaining it on YouTube:

We’d love to tell you it’s just some YouTuber stirring up the pot, but unfortunately, this would actually make sense. For one thing, there’s not really a big sense of urgency here; the last-gen versions have sold, let’s see here, 29 million copies six weeks out from release, and has probably racked up a sale or two since there. Plus there’s some DLC a few people probably bought.

For another, the game is obviously quite complex, which may be holding up the porting process, and can be delayed into 2015 without screwing up Take Two’s balance sheet. The company doesn’t like delaying anything outside the fiscal year it’s being released. It also doesn’t have to worry much about making money this fall; Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! appears to be right on track and will probably sell a staggering amount of copies.

This is still a rumor, but don’t be surprised if it comes true. We’ll just have to settle for the last-gen version of GTA Mythbusters for a while.