‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Features A Tiiiiiiny Bit Of New Footage In Its Latest TV Spot

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06.05.14 9 Comments

Guardians of the Galaxy doesn’t hit theaters for another two very long months. So until then, we’re going to obsessively monitor everything about it. Including this TV spot!

Most of it is footage we’ve seen before, but there are a few new tidbits. First off, we get a much better look at Ronan the Accuser, in a shot that you can actually see a lot better than the previous one and is zoomed in a little to offer better detail:

Screenshot 2014-06-05 at 2.16


And we also get another angle on the Mystical Purple Whirlpool of Death the team probably gets sucked into towards the end of the movie, complete with Chris Pratt being a badass:



One assumes Ronan has something to do with it, what with that big old purple head on the end of that shaft. You really don’t want to let that thing get out of hand, Ronan, people could get hurt.

Moving on, Guardians of the Galaxy arrives August 1st. Until then, we’ll just sit here, admiring hammers.

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