Here’s A First Look At Disney Animation’s First Marvel Universe Movie, ‘Big Hero 6’

Hey, did you know Disney is finally doing an animated movie set in the Marvel Universe? And that it’s coming out this year? It’s true! Big Hero 6 is based on a minor, already mostly forgotten superhero team Marvel pumped out during the late 90s in response to the growing popularity of manga. The team basically consisted of any extra Japanese characters Marvel had laying around (like Silver Samurai) and new characters with names like GoGo Tomago, Honey Lemon and Wasabi-No-Ginger. Yeah.

The movie will largely be told through the point of view of Hiro Hamada, a boy genius character who creates a robotic bodyguard for himself named Baymax. Yup, a kids movie released in 2014 will prominently feature a character with a Betamax joke for a name.

Here’s a first look at Hiro and Baymax in his regular form, and in battle mode…

Well, Baymax is certainly cute. Hopefully the movie rises above its somewhat humble source material.

via Bleeding Cool

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