Here’s Stephen Colbert Announcing The New Captain America

07.17.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

You know, we were going to write up a whole explainer about the new Captain America, and then Colbert beat us to it. Damn you, Colbert!

Joking aside, Colbert is an enormous comic book fan and he’s established his Cap cred on more than one occasion, so this clip is both a grown man having a full-on geek out and a comedian riffing on what will probably be some of the sillier reactions to this announcement. It also does a good job of explaining what’s been happening recently in the comics, just in case Colbert hadn’t fully established his nerd cred with you for some reason.

Also, you should watch the clip just to see Colbert and Joe Quesada riff, which is surprisingly great. Colbert not only torpedoes the “Captain African-American” joke that inevitably turned up on Twitter, but takes it a few steps further.

We’re only left with one question: Where can we buy a t-shirt of Colbert as the Falcon? Because we’d totally wear that, even if he is a HYDRA agent.

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