Hey Kids, Don’t Do What This Guy Did — Chinese Man Makes $16,000 Virtual Sword Purchase

12.30.11 6 years ago

If you’re looking for evidence that true communism has been smothered to death by decadent consumerism in China, well, here you go — a man in China has spent $16,000 on a virtual sword before the game it can be used in is even out yet.

The game this guy spent far too much money on is Age of Wulin, an MMO set in ancient China that will soon be released in modern day China. Apparently anticipation is kind of high, because in addition to the 16 thousand dollar sword, a hook has gone for $1,600 and a spear sheath has sold for $2,500. Yes, that’s right, someone paid 2,500 and didn’t even get a weapon, just a thing to hold a weapon.

Don’t worry, soon you too will be able to empty your savings account on things that don’t really exist — Age of Wulin will be available in English in the spring of 2012.

via Gizmondo

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