Hipsters, Dinosaurs, and Links

ABOVE: “Just met this guy setting up ‘hipster traps’ in NYC, baited with PBR and American Spirits.” [via Reddit]

Know Your Laws: Five Laws That Run The Internet [Uproxx]

Idiots want any film with a cigarette appearing anywhere to be given an R rating. [Filmdrunk]

Has Atlantis Been Found? [UproxxNews]

Will Japan have to deal with a nuclear meltdown next? [UproxxNews]

Daniel Tosh Versus Reddit (photoshops) [WarmingGlow]

And Here’s Your 2011 NCAA Bracket [WithLeather]

On Princeton University, “Hip-Hop 2.0” & Dr. Cornel West [TSS]

Lindsay Lohans probation report will be “devastating” [WWTDD]

5 Awesome Whirlpool Videos [EgoTV]

22 Grannies Trying To Be Hip [RegretfulMorning]

‘What Pi Sounds Like’ Puts Math to Music [Urlesque]

Modern Stars Made To Look Like Vintage Pin-Up Art [Buzzfeed]

Chinese Boob Clamp: The Greatest Invention Since The Shake Weight [CoedMag]

Three Videos of Surfers Shredding Waves from the Japanese Tsunami [BroBible]

Sarah Palin Sounds Off on Julianne Moore Playing Her in ‘Game Change’ [TVSquad]

Sergio Leone’s ‘Once Upon a Time in America’ Gets Additional 40 Minutes in New Director’s Cut [Moviefone]

A brief primer on how nuclear plants work and whether the leaky facilities in Japan are completely Fukushima’d [Fark]

VIDEO BELOW: I don’t know why The University of Lincoln decided not to use this student-made ad. [via TheAwesomer]

[Inset picture via wellthatsadorable]