“Hugh Jackman Shirtless” Continues To Be Image Theme For ‘The Wolverine’

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12.13.12 9 Comments

We know it’s impossible to believe considering the adorable fat kid he was introduced to us as, but did you know that Hugh Jackman is ripped? No? The Wolverine‘s new poster is happy to show you!

Continuing the theme of “Hugh Jackman in moody lighting wearing no shirt”, here’s the full international poster:

Yep, they think it’s popular enough that all they need to feature is Jackman and the claws, and to be fair, they’ve probably got a point. This is fairly restrained, though: It tells you pretty much all you need to know just by examining it.

We were joking, at first, about this being ninety minutes of Hugh Jackman shirtless but it’s starting to look more and more than either he really WILL be shirtless for most of the movie in a rare case of a male character performing fanservice, or Hugh Jackman just hates wearing shirts. The behind the scenes photos? Shirtless. The first teaser image of the movie? Shirtless. In fact, the only other official teaser image from the movie’s Facebook is, uh, this:

There’s a reason we feature this GIF every time more production information leaks:

Anyway, a trailer for this should be coming sooner rather than later: The Wolverine comes out on July 26th, and if you haven’t been paying attention, summer movie trailers are dropping like bombs.

We will be timing it, of course, to see how often he’s shirtless.

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