Hulk Might Get a New Movie in 2015 After All (if He Promises To Stop Being So Mopey)

05.01.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

A couple weeks back we reported that the Hulk probably wasn’t going to get another solo movie anytime soon. Marvel has tried twice in recent years and neither movie was received with much enthusiasm, so the emerald giant was going to have to spend some time on the shelf.

Well, that may have already changed. Apparently the Hulk’s Avengers merchandise is selling well, really well, and now the plans are to whore Hulk out as a corporate mascot, and possibly take yet another stab at starting a Hulk movie franchise in 2015.

The key to the current swell of Hulk popularity? Not making him so damn mopey. Unlike the Ang Lee and Edward Norton movies, the Hulk in the Avengers isn’t constantly conflicted and tortured, he’s jumping around, smashing stuff and being fun. Turns out people like that. According to Paul Gitter of Marvel, the plan going forward is to dump “misunderstood” Hulk and instead push him as a “heroic and aspirational” figure.

Makes sense — when I was a kid, I always aspired to be the Hulk as I was battering my brother with inflatable Hulk hands.

via Forbes

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