Image Bringing Back Rob Liefeld Characters…And They Don’t Suck?

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01.19.12 6 Comments

We bag on Rob Liefeld a lot on here, and it’s a little unfair. As an artist and writer, he has his strengths and weaknesses (although his recent art has shown that at least he’s trying to improve), but let’s face it: he rose so fast and burned so brightly because we went to the FLCS in the ’90s, and slapped down our money for those comics. And we did it every freaking week. For years. All those terrible characters and plotlines: we paid for ’em, and we ate ’em up.

That said, pretty much everything “original” Liefeld turned out for Image was…well…godawful, at least until he threw enough money at Alan Moore for him to sit up, take notice, and get to work. And Liefeld announcing he was bringing all those bland, lame characters back, complete with keeping the issue numbers, made us ill.

Turns out, that might have been the wrong reaction. We finally sat down to try “Prophet”, the forgettable sci-fi comic that got rebooted and it was…actually pretty good. A very strong pulp vibe, but original enough that it was worth a second issue, and with some unique and well-rendered art.

And now, Comics Alliance has a review of the reboot of “Glory”, a lame Wonder Woman knock-off who…has gotten a substantial revamp, to say the least. Just the fact that she’s jacked and not a super-model in a shiny swimsuit already makes this refreshing. We’re a bit leery of the over-the-top violence, but we’re willing to give this a shot.

Huh, maybe Liefeld can come up with good ideas. He just shouldn’t write or draw them.

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