The ‘Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ Trailer Is Officially The Most Disliked Video In YouTube History

The Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises have been vying for first-person shooter supremacy since 2003. From the early days when they were the two biggest and baddest World War 2 shooters on the block, to the recent years in which they are the gaming equivalent of Pepsi versus Coke, or Star Wars versus Star Trek — videogaming war never changes. While both games generate an obscene amount of revenue, generally speaking, fans usually pick sides, and for years, CoD dominated. On YouTube, it seems like the alternate-history World War 1 of Battlefield 1 is on the winning side this time.

We’ve posted about Infinite Warfare’s seemingly infinite number of dislikes on YouTube, and how the Activision CEO doesn’t seem to think that’s a big deal. At the time, there were around 700K dislikes. Now, they are fast approaching 1.5 million dislikes with no end in sight. It turns out, according to Forbes, that Infinite Warfare is now not just the most disliked video game trailer or even trailer in history — it’s the most disliked video in YouTube history.

Whether people actually dislike the perfectly fine trailer for a game they may or may not want is definitely up for debate. I ended up thumbing down the video because off mass hysteria. I need to see how far this goes.

On the other side of the FPS coin, Battlefield 1 is now in the top 250 most liked videos of in YouTube history, and is officially the most liked trailer in YouTube history.

Forbes rightfully points out that these numbers are off the charts and not normal. They are likely the result of fanboys with multiple accounts, or people like me who want to simply add fuel to a fire full of thumbs because #chaos. Forbes cites the GTAV and Skyrim trailers, with 280K and 50K likes respectively as a good baseline, but those announcement trailers were from a different time. I looked at more recent release trailers to see if these errant thumbs made any sense.

Fallout 4 – 291K likes.

Uncharted 4 – 66K likes.

Star Wars: Battlefront – 153K likes.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 – 398K likes.

No. Nothing makes sense. This is unprecedented.

(Via Forbes)