Is This the New XBox? No, No It Isn’t.

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11.08.11 3 Comments

Let’s see here; the 360 is pretty deep in a product maturity cycle, and it’s in danger of losing second place to Sony. Time for the unsubstantiated rumors to start flying about a new XBox!

Kotaku has a report from a tumblr called MS nerd, which oddly seems to have taken down its post, about “Loop”, the next XBox. Apparently the plan is to make it smaller and cheaper, which seems to run contrary to the boatload of processors crammed into the thing for AI, physics, sensors, and other goodies, all tied to one main processor and running…wait for it…Windows 9. I’m assuming that’s a typo since Windows 8 is still in development and won’t be out until 2013.

Either that or Kotaku got suckered with a capital S. There’s no denying that the next iteration of the Xbox is in development, and we’ll probably start hearing more about it as it inches closer to market. But I’ve got a sneaking suspicion this is just fanboy dreaming, not an actual product.

[ via the Xbox 720s at Kotaku ]

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