It's a Horrors of the Deep Kinda Friday — Giant Crabs and Bird-Eating Octopuses!

05.04.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

Spring is in full swing, temperatures are on the rise and soon enough you’re going to be getting ideas about heading out to the beach. I urge you not to do it. Particularly if the beach you’re heading to borders the ocean — the ocean is nothing but a repository for horrifying terrorbeasts intent on dragging the warm-blooded to their dooms. Don’t believe me? Read on.
First we bring you the story of Claude, a massive Tasmanian crab that was recently caught and sold to a British aquarium. The beast is nearly a foot-and-a-half wide and will grow to weigh over 30-pounds. This thing would make Lovecraft s–t his pants.
Our second story concerns Ginger Morneau, who captured on film a deadly struggle between a giant octopus and a doomed seagull while taking a stroll near the water. At first Ginger thought the seagull was just dunking it’s head under the water to grab some food, but the bird’s head stayed under for a suspiciously long time — that’s when she noticed the tentacles around it’s neck. Yes, the bird was being drowned by an octopus that then dragged the bird down to the briny depths. Brrr.
Plenty of terrifying sea creature pictures after the jump…

via Geekologie & The CBC

Argh! Don’t point that thing at me!

From this angle ol’ Claude actually looks kind of tasty.

Okay, back to being horrifying again.

Hmmm, what’s that seagull doing?

I…what? I don’t…



As a creepy bonus, here’s a video of an octopus crawling out of the water and walking on land. Is there nowhere that’s safe?!

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