‘It’s So Bad’: Watch Today’s Teens Wrangle With The NES Power Glove

For some time now, The Fine Bros. have been subjecting teens to old tech like the NES and Game Boy. Generally the goal of these videos is to angry up us old-timers still nostalgic for four-button controllers and pea soup green handheld screens, but let’s be honest, even the crankiest old-school gaming fan isn’t going to get too upset about teens bashing the Power Glove.

Yes kids, I’ll admit it, not everything about classic gaming was great, and the Power Glove just straight up never worked. Watching these kids get all excited for the concept then let down by the reality, just like we all did back in the day, is actually kind of heartbreaking. God damn you, Lucas, you sold us all a bill of goods…

via The Fine Bros.