J.J. Abrams And George Lucas Haven't Gotten Around To That 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Discussion Yet

06.19.13 5 years ago 9 Comments


Back when Star Wars: Episode VII was announced, fans were assured (for better or for worse) that George Lucas would be staying on as a “creative consultant” for the film. So, now that J.J. Abrams has been installed as director of the flick, just how much creative consulting are he and Lucas doing?

Not a hell of a lot apparently

“I have not spoken to J.J. He’s been busy with Star Trek, and I’m sure that he’ll let me know when he’s got some questions. So, you know, that’s all going well. Kathy tells me it’s working out great.”

I don’t think I’m stating anything too radical or controversial by saying, yeah, this is probably for the best. If Lucas just wants to sit in his rocking chair on his front porch, field the occasional query about Ewok anatomy or whatever and otherwise stay hands off, that’s fine by me.

via /Film

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