James Marsden Liked Being in Those Popular X-Men Movies, and Thinks They Should Make One All About Him

12.23.11 6 years ago 2 Comments

Hey, who wants a Cyclops spin-off movie staring the one and only James Marsden? Yeah, me either.

But you know who does want a Cyclops spin-off starring James Marsden? James Marsden! Seems he’s still a bit miffed at the lack of screentime he got in the Bryan Singer/Brett Ratner X-Men movies and thinks Cyclops is “ripe” for his own spin-off.

You’re a little late James — it’s all about 60s X-Men now, and your prototypical bland mid-90s boy band look just wouldn’t fit in. Besides, X-Men Origins: Wolverine kind of permanently poisoned the X-Men spin-off well. Sorry James, you’ll just have to keep doing uh, whatever you’ve been doing.

via blastr

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