Japanese Invent Device to Make Children Smile like the Joker

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02.08.11 3 Comments

Hey, we haven’t checked in on Japan in a while, we wonder what horrible thing they’re doing that we haven’t noticed this week. Oh, it’s a device that forces children to smile on command using electric shocks! That’s….that’s just great.

We’re still not sure whether this chindogu is just a joke mocking Japanese society, or if the dentist who claims to have invented it is sincere in his desire to facilitate child abuse, but either way, man, this thing is terrifying. The shocks are strong enough that the creepy, insincere smile will linger even without it, provided you don’t mind the twitching and the kid showing the family cat how to make a pencil disappear. It even has a “jolt to excite the entire body.”

So if the kid turns into a serial killer, do you get a refund?

[ via the men who are always smiling at TheNextWeb ]

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