Jeff Lemire Teases He May Be Working On ‘Kamandi’, ‘Jemm Son of Saturn’ And Other Wacky DC Stuff in 2013

Jeff Lemire is one of the real workhorses of DC Comics — if Grant Morrison and Scott Snyder pass on a writing assignment, it pretty much goes to Lemire by default.

Lemire’s creator-owned Vertigo series Sweet Tooth is ending soon. Lemire was both writer and artist for Sweet Tooth, so it wrapping up frees up a lot of time for the guy. What’s Lemire going to do with that time? Well, based on some recent images tweeted by Lemire, he’s going to be delving into DC’s back catalog and reviving some pretty obscure s–t. Such as…

Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth – A Tarzan-like kid who lives in a post-Apocalyptic future filled with talking animals. One of those weird late-career Jack Kirby creations you have to say you like to call yourself a true comics nerd.

Jemm Son of Saturn – Martian Manhunter’s red cousin, because kids like color-coding.

Red Tornado – Crying robot.

The Spectre – The undead Spirit of Justice. Consistently one of DC’s most misused characters.

So yeah, will these guys all be getting new series in 2013? Maybe they’ll all be part of some sort of incredibly random new super-team? Who knows. Which might you pick up? A Lemire-written Spectre series sounds intriguing to me.

via Comic Book