“John Carter” Featurette Hits New Low In Audience Expectations

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02.03.12 6 Comments

This is how you know a studio has failed to properly market a movie: they put out a minute long YouTube video explaining what the movie is actually about, complete with pop music and a jokey narrator.

Look, guys, it’s not like the “John Carter” series is complex. Wacky, yes, but complex, no. It’s about a dude who goes to Mars and gets in a bunch of fights.

Mostly this seems to be an attempt to shift the tone of the marketing and make it clear that this is not a self-serious action movie, but does actually have the occasional touch of humor to it, although the presence of the giant CGI bulldog is probably generating screams from nerds as we speak.

Anyway, the full condescension fest under the jump.

image courtesy Disney

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