Junction Point, Developer Of The ‘Epic Mickey’ Games, Is Your Latest Studio Closure

01.30.13 5 years ago

Another day, another dead video game developer — this time it’s Junction Point Studios, the team headed by industry legend Warren Spector, which created the really not-so-epic Epic Mickey series.

The first Epic Mickey, a Wii exclusive, was a solid success, landing a 73 Metacritic score and nearly 3 million in sales. The sequel, Epic Mickey: The Power of Two, was a bit of a disaster, getting nailed with a 59 Metacritic score and only selling around 600 thousand copies, despite being released for every platform under the sun. So yeah, it’s hardly shocking that Disney isn’t interested in expending any more time, money or whimsy on the Epic Mickey series.

Warren Spector has officially confirmed he’s no longer working for Disney in any capacity, so hey, maybe he’ll get around to making games for grown up people again. Or at least pick a more entertaining classic cartoon character to focus on — I’m waiting for Epic Foghorn Leghorn Spector.

via Kotaku

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