‘Jupiter Ascending’ Floats Over A New Trailer

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05.21.14 3 Comments

Warner Bros.

Jupiter Ascending hasn’t been shy with the trailers or clips. One guesses that’s because the movie has a rather… specific worldview. One that’s on full display in the latest trailer.

Mostly this gives us a better look at the fight scenes and the elaborate production design. And we have to admit, goofy little pointy ears or not, we do want to see the full cuts of C-Tates kicking ass:

If the trailer didn’t make it clear, the plot is essentially that Mila Kunis, somehow stuck scrubbing toilets despite her aching beauty, is actually the true owner of Earth and possibly Queen Of The Universe. Yeah, she owns Earth, bro. She’s got the title and everything.

You know, one thing movies like this never explain is the bureaucracy behind who owns entire planets. What does that paperwork even look like? If somebody’s late on their payments, how do you repossess a planet? And if there’s, say, seven billion of a species running around on a planet mining it for resources, isn’t that kind of eating into your profits?

Oh, and Channing Tatum plays Mog from Spaceballs, and Sean Bean plays Deadmeat, Herald of Plot Exposition. This will be out July 18th, and we’ll be curious to see just how goofy the Wachowskis get.

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