Mila Kunis Stumbles Into Galactic War In The Newest Trailer For The Wachowskis’ ‘Jupiter Ascending’

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03.27.14 7 Comments

The second trailer for Jupiter Ascending has hit the web and it is an overwhelming ride across the galaxy. Luckily the story seems big enough to fill that galaxy as well, so let’s hope it isn’t as confusing as it could be.

C-Tates is a cat man alien lad with gadgets that help him save Mila Kunis from galactic assassins. Kunis of course is the space queen turned house cleaner who turns out to be super hot no matter where she occupies space. No one can seem to resist trying to capture her or kill her, so we’re off on our adventure. Sean Bean also appears to lend words of wisdom to the characters before eventually dying.

No need to see the movie now, unless of course you were as blown away by the awesome visuals as I was. Then again, I liked Cloud Atlas a lot and still think the Wachowskis can make a decent movie.

(Via Warner Bros.)

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