‘Just Cause 3’ Will Trash The Game World While You Just Stand There

01.06.16 2 years ago 2 Comments

Open world games are complicated things. Simulating real human reactions and activity is a tricky business at best, and when computers get it wrong, they often get it hilariously wrong. And, as Just Cause 3 illustrates, if your goal is to cause chaos in the first place, you often just need to stand there.

ThingsWePlay decided to engage in a simple experiment: Boot up Just Cause 3, take Rico Rodriguez to the middle of a major highway, not touch a button, and see what happens. Within fifteen seconds, somebody’s been run over. In less than thirty seconds, a police officer is firing live rounds into traffic. Let’s just say that it kind of goes downhill from there, and in less than two minutes, you’ve got a full scale traffic disaster/riot unfolding as Rico car surfs away, off to blow up a refinery.

Open world games tend towards chaos in the first place, as Grand Theft Auto V has so amply demonstrated before, but this takes it to a new level. Just Cause 4 should just be called Rico’s Lighthearted Jaunt as Rico gets up, goes out to grab a bagel, and reads the paper while jumbo jets smash into the ground and riots erupt around him. If nothing else, it’d be one hell of a walking simulator.

(Via ThingsWePlay)

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