‘Kingdom Hearts III’ Looks Ambitious And A Little Confusing In Its First Gameplay Trailer

10.15.13 5 years ago 9 Comments


Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series have been waiting a long-ass time to break out their Keyblades again. It’s been nearly eight years since Kingdom Hearts II was released and a solid six years since Square-Enix started talking about a Kingdom Hearts III. Sure, there have been around a million handheld and mobile Kingdom Hearts spin-offs released over the past several years, but those haven’t scratched anybody’s itches.

Well, Square-Enix finally announced Kingdom Hearts III at this year’s E3 and now we have a trailer featuring some early gameplay…

First, here’s the E3 teaser trailer (which I don’t believe we’ve posted yet).

Now, here’s the new trailer…

Yeah, looking a little rough (what was going on with that boat?) but it looks like the game won’t be lacking in ambition. Look forward to Kingdom Hearts III, coming out in uh…2016? No, that’s probably too optimistic. 2017?

via Destructoid

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