'Knights Of Badassdom' With Peter Dinklage Finally Secures A Release, But Which Cut Is It?

Peter Dinklage is packing an ounce of killer shrooms and there be monsters in need of pummeling. That’s right, Knights of Badassdom has finally secured distribution from EOne. It’ll hit theaters and VOD in North America on the same date (to be announced). Here’s the trailer we originally posted with a synopsis during Comic-Con 2011.

So why did this thing sit on the shelf for two years? That’s where the story gets more depressing than a vorpal botch. It appears Indievest Pictures CEO Wade Bradley heavily edited director Joe Lynch’s work after having possibly bankrupted the company. Unfortunately, the edited version may be the one we’ll be getting. Joe Lynch has tweeted that he’s assuming it’s not his cut. No one has contacted him. Ouch. That is some cold lotion.

We’ll wait to see if a director’s cut of Knights of Badassdom becomes available before we declare that it’s made its saving throw.

(H/T: /film. Banner picture courtesy of Indievest Pictures.)