The Latest ‘Lightning Returns’ Trailer Details The Ridiculous Final Fantasy Costume Creation Process

Absurd buckle, frill and pocket covered costumes have been a staple of Final Fantasy for some time, and it looks like the latest game in the series, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is going to push the silly outfit thing further than ever before. In Lightning Returns changing your costume is actually a core game mechanic, and the outfits start at totally over-the-top and go from there.

So, how are these goofy outfits created? Well, the latest “Inside the Square” behind the scenes trailer for Lightning Returns gets into it a bit. It also delves into the world of Lightning Returns and how it was created. Check the trailer out below…

Oh, and here’s an earlier “Inside the Square” video we never posted.

Man, Lightning has burnt me twice before, but dammit, this Final Fantasy XIII actually looks pretty damn good! Maybe I’m just a sucker for pink hair?

via Destructoid