'Leaving Megalopolis' is A Kickstarter To Get Behind

08.20.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

I have two rules with Kickstarters: 1) Always admit when you’re backing something. I’m enthusiastically backing this book.

2) Never promote something that isn’t likely to get funded or likely to fall through if it is funded. Since this is already double its goal, and comes from Gail Simone and J. Calafiore, it meets both criteria pretty handily.

So let’s talk about the comic!

First of all, I bring this to your attention because I know a lot of you miss Secret Six. While this is sadly not a return to the crew of amoral mercenaries we know and love, it is actually a pretty awesome concept. And getting the book is relatively cheap, too.

Essentially the plot asks what would happen if the citizens of a major city policed by superheroes would do if said superheroes suddenly turned into homicidal maniacs.

The great part is, they’ve already hit their stretch goal to make this a 96 page book. If you just want to read it digitally, you can get a PDF for $9. If you want a physical copy, you can get it for $15.

I gave them $15 just because, honestly, I think Simone and Calafiore were one of the best creative teams at DC in recent years, and seeing them back together fills me with hope.

Also, nobody does gore like Calafiore. Simone threw some truly awful things at him, like Bane ripping a guy’s arms off and beating him to death with them, and he handled it in a way that was both tasteful and yet at the same time hilariously disgusting.

In short, I can’t wait. If you can’t either, the Kickstarter is right here.

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