LEGO + PS3 Controller + Skyrim = Leveling Up Like A Boss

11.22.11 6 years ago

You know what they say about cheating, right? That it’s most enjoyable with friends helping you. That said, not every one looking to cut a corner has their pals around them constantly, sometimes a person has to rely on the Lego corporation to help keep them company. So is the case for YouTuber comicsacrifice and his latest attempt to level up his player in Skyrim. Our pal got a little too tired of standing around and leveling up his healing abilities, so he did what any Lego hacker would do: he built a contraption that meticulously taps his gaming controller.

I built a Lego minstorms nxt contraption to hold a PS3 controller and on timed revolutions, it presses down the right trigger. This causes my character to heal himself. I am inside “Ustengrav” on the mission “the horn of Juergen windcaller” where the floor tiles activate flames that burn you.

This slowly levels up your restoration. I am going to just let it go in the background until I am max at 100.

This might prove that I have no life. That might be true, but it’s by choice Y’ALL!!!

Hell yeah, I like this dude’s style. Not to mention the fact that he proudly and unforgivingly waves his nerd flag high. Just don’t forget: it’s by choice Y’ALL!!!

Check the video after the jump:


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