Every Episode Of 'Pawn Stars', Dogs Who Aren't Going Anywhere, And Links

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Bow Wow’s Twitter Was Conveniently Hacked After Someone Posted A Picture Of Him Sleeping With A Man Online |UPROXX|

LL Cool J Broke A Hobo’s Jaw |Film Drunk|

Best And Worst Of Raw: Tonight’s The Night (To Retire Via Tout) |With Leather|

‘The Breaking Bad Art Project’ Rings All Of Our Bells |UPROXX|

10 Sexually Absurd R&B Songs From The ’90s |Smoking Section|


22 People Who Only Had One Job |Buzzfeed|

Perfect Scott Pilgrim Ramona Cosplay |Unreality|

Ten Worst Family Guy Sex Moments |Adult Swim|

125 Amazing Animal Photobombs |HuffPost Comedy|

8 Great Moments in the History of Editing |Mental Floss|

11 Former Child Stars Who Haven’t F**ked It All Up Just Yet |Pajiba|

15 Legitimate Things My Magical Vagina Can Shut Down |Hypervocal|

Here’s a Look at the Brooklyn Nets’ New Hardwood at the Barclays Center |BroBible|

“I Think The Only Way You Can Get A Tour Is By Jumping Over The Fence…” |High Definite|

David Cross says the complexity of the new Arrested Development “Makes ‘Lost’ look like a Spaulding Gray monologue.” |Daily What|

The Walking Dead has a new character working alongside The Governor for this season, Milton. He will act as a sort of scientist and use a red stapler to defend himself |Fark|

VIDEO BELOW: Dog doesn’t understand the moving walkway, or he does understand it and his gym membership just expired. |via SayOMG|

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[Pictures via Final Ellipsis and Sober In A Nightclub.]

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