Mars Versus The Olympics, The Counting Song, And Links

08.08.12 6 years ago

Live Q&A: Jay Chandrasekhar And Kevin Heffernan Of The Babymakers and Super Troopers |Film Drunk|

8 Places You Probably Don’t Remember Seeing Jeremy Renner |UPROXX|

7 Things We Learned From Dean Norris’ Appearance On NPR’s Fresh Air |Warming Glow|

Everything You Need To Know About Michael Phelps’ Girlfriend |With Leather|

Local To Global: Nine Homegrown Hip-Hop Crews |Smoking Section|

PR PEOPLE ARE THE WORST |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

When Kim Kardashian Goes Swimming, We’re All Winning |Smoking Section|

Best And Worst Of WWE Raw: Live From San Antonio, Texas |With Leather|

Judd Apatow’s This Is 40, Now With Megan Fox In Bra And Panties! |Film Drunk|

Here’s King Joffrey Pretending A Book Is His Penis. You’re Welcome. |Warming Glow|

10 F**k Songs That Should Be On The ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Soundtrack |UPROXX|

“Goodbye, Dad” |High Definite|

Google is Full of Crap |College Humor|

Pregnant Women Are Smug |HuffPost Comedy|

Federal Convict Escapes Sure Arrest With AMAZING Smooth Talk |BroBible|

Where Are They Now? Power Ranking The Cast Of The Ultimate 90s Movie |Pajiba|

The many terrible deaths suffered by Edgar Allan Poe characters — in one diagram |Fark|

An Open Letter to Taylor Kitsch, Upon Hearing That He May Star In the ‘Need for Speed’ Movie |The FW|

VIDEO BELOW: Adam Buxton’s “The Counting Song” gets dark as hell thanks to a video by Cyriak. |via The Daily What|

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[Inset picture via Buzzfeed.]

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