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01.18.11 2 Comments

INSET PICTURE: Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream . . . or was it? *BRAAAAAAM* [via theduty]

Meme Watch: Dog Fort [Uproxx]

Everyone involved in this needs to be beaten with a hose [WarmingGlow]

Brett Favre celebrates Dr. King’s legacy with another retirement [WithLeather]

Some whiners are upset about Ricky Gervais [Filmdrunk]

Derivative? Predictable? Piling On? YOU BET! [KSK]

Footage of Kanye West & Rhymefest Making “Jesus Walks” [TSS]

Jurassic Park Theme Slowed Down By 1000% [Buzzfeed]

This guy reviews DC Universe Online so I don’t have to.

Flowchart: What Gaming Platform is Right For You? [Dorkly]

Samsung Nexus S from Google Smartphone Tech Review [G4TV]

A Guide to Lunchtime Social Groups, Through Life [CollegeHumor]

Chuck Norris and 9 Other Marijuana Strains Named After Famous People [CoedMagazine]

Geektress is sending the fifth comics care package to the troops if you want to include a letter or donate [Geektress]

VIDEO BELOW: Super Kitty [via HYST]

[Banner picture via SofaPizza]

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