Famous Last Words And Afternoon Links

Meme Watch: Aristocat Is The Original LOLcat |UPROXX|

Mark Your Calendars: The 15 Most Anticipated Albums Of 2013 (So Far) |UPROXX|

The Reviews Are In And Guy Fieri’s S’mores Pizza Is Predictably Terrible |Warming Glow|

High School Sophomore Victor Dukes Is Really, Really Good At Dunking |With Leather|

Pot Enthusiasts In Denver Had The Best New Year’s Eve Ever |Smoking Section|

Meast And Least For Week 17 And Meast And Least Of The Year |Kissing Suzy Kolber|

The Ultimate Training Montage Montage |Film Drunk|

Fireworks In Reverse |High Definite|

Brutal Rollerblading Fail |Gorilla Mask|

Space Invaders Invade Snowy Mountainside |Technabob|

12 Historical Speeches Nobody Ever Heard |Mental Floss|

George Costanza Dress Is Real, Amazing |HuffPost Comedy|

The 10 Most Scathing and Bitchy Film Reviews of 2012 |Pajiba|

10 Ways to Apologize for Your Actions at a Party |College Humor|

The Ohio State Ski Club’s Trip to Aspen Didn’t Go Well |Brobible|

13 Actors Whose Faces You Know From TV But Names You Don’t |Buzzfeed|

Strip Clubs Just Get Classier in 2013: A 15-Foot Fall & Drunk Child Care |Hypervocal|

Spotify’s 20 most streamed songs of NYE, in the United Kingdom. What’s the point in musicians even trying any more? |Fark|

VIDEO BELOW: Pug climbs stairs in the derpiest way possible. |via Arbroath|

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[Pictures via Reddit and Orangehouse.]