Links With Wizardry And Boxing Cats

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What wizardry is this?

The Best Of #Jack Donaghy |UPROXX|

The World Was A Much Better Place With MTV’s Rock N Jock Sports |With Leather|

Anti-zombie presidential candidate ‘Vermin Supreme’ needs our support |Film Drunk|

‘Gifolas Cage’ Is The Nic Cage GIF Shrine The Internet Deserves |UPROXX|

‘House of Lies’ Shows a Lot of Skin But Not a Lot of Substance |Warming Glow|

Here’s The Ghost Rider 2/He-Man Mashup Absolutely No One Saw Coming |UPROXX|

LeBron James, As Interviewed By A Bunch Of Kids From Narnia |With Leather|

Kenny Powers Is Back. Thank God. |Warming Glow|

What’s with the Devil Inside’s ending? [Hint: it’s crap.] |Film Drunk|

Jay-Z Delivers New Song “Glory” For Baby Blue Ivy |TSS|

‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Is Coming To IFC |UPROXX|

Aliens vs. Predator Chess Set |Technabob|

The Gentlemen’s Rant: The Gym |High Definite|

The Art Of How To Get Lots of Tips |I-Am-Bored|

The largely depressing fates of 10 iconic child actors |FARK|

Adult Swim’s 15 Best Web Contents Of The Week |Adult Swim|

Dr. Seuss’ “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” (At Burning Man) |GorillaMask|

Is Spanish Actress Lina Sanz Angelina Jolie’s Long Lost Twin? |The FW|

Arkansas State’s One-Armed Fan Deserves Props for an Awesome Sign |Brobible|

The Bizarre Twitter Obsession With Tim Tebow Possibly Having Herpes |Buzzfeed|

“Shameless” Season Two Review: Emmy Rossum Now Even More Naked than Ever |Pajiba|

VIDEO BELOW: Olde-timey cat boxing is the best boxing. |via Arbroath|

[Pictures via CineBoobs and Reddit]

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