Liveblog Reminder: ‘Arrow’ And The Huntress Go On A Revenge Date Tonight

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12.05.12 187 Comments

It’s like a normal date, except you get dressed up in masks and murder people.

Last week’s episode of Arrow actually crammed in quite a bit: We finally learned who the mysterious well-dressed man is, Ollie finally got a date with somebody who doesn’t look like his sister, and Tommy continues to actually get some character development, which will likely continue as he has to actually get a job.

Thea, meanwhile, is still whiny.

The Huntress, while badly lit, was an interesting enough character that this arc should have a pretty strong payoff. Especially since there’s a mysterious second archer waiting in the wings, we’re assuming Helena might have a ticking clock on how long she’s actually breathing.

We’ll also probably see even more violence than usual tonight, what with the episode’s official title being “Vendetta” and all. We also might actually get more than ten seconds of Diggle, although he might be this episode’s official Ollie Guilt-Tripper instead of kicking ass. Note to the CW: We prefer Diggle kicking ass. In fact if Diggle can just be kicking ass, all the time, even in the background as you do the Gossip Girl stuff, that’d be great.

The fun starts tonight at 8pm Eastern time, but feel free to weigh in before or after with opinions, predictions, and/or macros making fun of Thea.

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