Liveblog Reminder: ‘Arrow’ Returns Tonight With Firefly And Tommy Apologizing

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01.16.13 136 Comments

“Firefighters? I HATE FIREFIGHTERS!”

Yes, everybody’s favorite archer is back, but he’s suffering from a crisis of confidence. Meanwhile, Tommy is throwing a benefit for fallen firefighters! What could possibly go wrong?

A lot, since apparently this week’s bad guy is none other than Batman second-stringer Firefly. Apparently Ollie is not the only one getting shafted by the Starling City cabal who seems to be running things. A firefighter left to die has apparently decided that instead of a wrongful injury suit, he should instead burn down a bunch of buildings. Seems legit.

Also, apparently Ollie will be down on himself this episode because Captain Jack Harkness sorta kicked his ass. We’re assuming Diggle will be there with words of wisdom. And possibly a guilt trip.

The snarking starts tonight at 8pm EST. We’ll see you there!

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