Liveblog Reminder: Ollie Gets Beaten Up By Diggle Tonight On ‘Arrow’

01.23.13 5 years ago 132 Comments

Over the course of these liveblogs, we’ve come to the conclusion that on Arrow, Diggle is pretty much our favorite character. We often joke about Diggle Beating Ass being the CW’s next hot show. Looks like we might actually be correct with this one, as tonight Diggle and Ollie square off, and our money is on Diggle.

The thrust of the episode is that Diggle’s buddy and commanding officer in Afghanistan Ted Gaynor, played by John Chrichton Ben Browder, is in Ollie’s little book of People I Am Going To Impale With Flying Sharp Pointy Things. Diggle takes issue with somebody he knows personally being turned into a pincushion, so it’s on.

Considering that in the DCU, Ted Gaynor is an obscure foe of the Blackhawks, we’re guessing that the Digs doesn’t turn out to be in the right here.

Meanwhile, Thea thinks her mom is banging Captain Jack Harkness Malcolm Merlyn, and probably handles that situation in exactly the wrong way, and Tommy and Laurel also have dinner with Malcolm, which even the official plot summaries are describing as “awkward.”

All the fun starts here at 8pm EST, so weigh in on the comments on how you think the inevitable Diggle/Ollie fight goes down. Our bet is Diggle in a knockout.

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