‘Mad Max’ Does Donuts With Some Brutal Gameplay Footage

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07.15.13 10 Comments

We don’t know much about Mad Max, the video game based off of the film series from Avalanche, except that you’ll have a car and a huge open post-apocalyptic world to drive it in. Now they’ve rolled out some in-engine footage that gives us more of an idea, and it looks like a cross between Twisted Metal and The Last Of Us.

Of course, we knew brutality was going to be a key part of the proceedings. But it looks like Avalanche is going to have you breaking necks and snapping wrists when you’re not smashing cars to pieces:

The story hints are interesting: The trailer specifically goes out of its way to state that Max is not a hero. Furthermore, the song it’s set to is a gospel number with blues inflection about moral ambiguity and what defines a human being. Somehow we doubt that’s a coincidence.

It’s also interesting in terms of gameplay. Showing the taste for violence that kind of defines the series, there are some genuinely brutal takedowns here. We see a lot more hand-to-hand than shooting, which would indicate that while you may be packing heat, you’ll have to decide carefully where you use your bullets and who you just beat senseless. Hmmmmm, sounds familiar!

We also get a load of the car combat, which actually seems just as visceral and based a lot around ramming, sideswiping, and other fun mechanics. We want to see somebody actually playing this game, mind you, but it seems for now that this will be an interesting take on a classic film series.

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