Some Hero Just Color Corrected ‘Man Of Steel’ And The ‘Batman V Superman’ Teaser

Man Of Steel was a dark movie. Pa Kent suggested it would have been a lot cooler if Clark had let a busload of kids drown and director Zack Snyder himself has talked about the mass deaths he wanted in the film. (129,000 deaths, by some estimates.)

Man Of Steel was also a dark movie in that Snyder went a little Sucker Punch with the filters. But what would happen if you color corrected the film to more closely match the vibrant Superman films we’re used to? VideoLab used Synthetic Aperture’s Color Finesse and some color exclusion adjustments to try to restore some of the original color to Man Of Steel, and they color restored a bit of the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice teaser as well.

VideoLab explains:

We’re big fans of both Superman and the film Man Of Steel. That’s why this was a fun project. But Superman isn’t just a brand. He’s a worldwide icon that has lasted 77 years. When you make a Superman movie, and not every kid running out of the theater wishes they were Superman… you’ve done something wrong.

I don’t know. I walked away from that movie wishing to be Superman. Wait, no. Wishing to be Henry Cavill. I guess that’s different. He’s purty.

(Via Collider)