Marvel Auditioned 16-Year-Old Mateus Ward From ‘Weeds’ For Spider-Man

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We learned on Monday that Marvel had locked down its deal with the Russo Brothers to direct Avengers: Infinity War Parts I & II. However, while that dilemma may be solved, there’s still the matter of casting as we head into the beginnings of what will ultimately become Phase III, and while there are many key roles, there are none more high-profile than the newly vacated position of Spider-Man.

Now that Marvel has the webslinger back in their camp, they’re starting fresh with a new actor who will make his debut in Captain America: Civil War. In addition, the current rumor is that the company is looking to cast super young for the character so he can age into the role over time, thus aging out the already quite young rumored candidates Dylan O’Brien and Logan Lerman. If that’s the case, who’s on the list of potentials? Well… we simply don’t know, but one new report says there’s at least one actor who’s gone in for an audition.

From Badass Digest:

I had heard from solid sources that Marvel was looking at some 16 and 17 year old actors; now a new (untested) source has chimed in to say that Mateus Ward, a child actor from Showtime’s Weeds, auditioned for the role. It was so super secret they held the audition at a house, not any sort of office, but word leaks out, as it always will. Does this mean Ward will get the role? I don’t know, and I’m not really familiar with the kid’s work, but if true it does show that Marvel is indeed casting young.

This guy’s really young, and it seems pretty risky for Marvel to put such an unknown this untested in the role of Spider-Man. Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time a move like it was pulled. We all know the story of casting on the original 1978 Superman film after all. But still, Ward — or whomever it ends up being — won’t just be stepping into a single film. They’ll be stepping into an entire cinematic universe that’s already well into high gear. That’s a lot of pressure to put on someone who hasn’t even graduated high school yet… you know, just like Peter Parker when he got super powers and decided to become a crime figh… oooooooooohhhhh.

(Source: Badass Digest)