Marvel Finally Gives In: "Spider-Men" Will Be a 616/Ultimate Crossover

Senior Contributor
04.12.12 4 Comments

We all knew this was only a matter of time. Really, it’s surprising Marvel held out this long. But, hey, they at least did it for a special occasion.

“Spider-Men” is a miniseries celebrating Spidey’s 50th anniversary, and it’s not just Miles Morales and Peter Parker. They’re going to drag in damn near everybody, including Gwen Stacy (still alive in Ultimate continuity), because really, forty years of beating Peter with that guilt just isn’t quite enough, let’s twist the knife even more. And apparently the Ultimates are involved too, we’re assuming because universes crossing over is a bad thing.

If nothing else, we have this to say: the book is probably going to be funny. I may not like a lot about Bendis, but one thing I’ll cheerfully admit: dude writes a great Spidey one-liner.

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