'Mass Effect' Gets A Sequel… In Comic Book Form

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03.04.13 7 Comments

However you feel about Mass Effect 3, you’re probably wondering where the story goes after the controversial ending.

Wonder no more: The lead writer, Mac Walters, will be writing a new ongoing comic series set after the events of the third game.

Mass Effect: Foundation spins directly out of the third game, and while we won’t be seeing Shepard, we will be seeing a bunch of minor characters, and it actually offers Walters a chance to fill in some stories we only saw the smaller parts of:

Rather than going into an area where we tell brand-new stories in a universe that people know already, maybe we could find ways of fleshing out some of the stories that we’ve heard hints of already. At a high level, that’s where we thought about going with “Foundations” and that’s where we went with it.

This is a great idea. One of the more frustrating parts of Mass Effect 3 was the fact that the game was so sprawling and yet there were gaps that DLC had to fill in. It was pretty clear that beyond a certain point, missions were sheared off and set as DLC in order to get the game in on time.

We also have to wonder if the title is perhaps meant to evoke Isaac Asimov’s Foundation novels. Certainly any ongoing book is going to have a tinge of that.

So far, twelve issues are planned. Considering how well Dark Horse does with SF, as they’ve currently got Star Wars and The Massive running, we’ll be curious to see how this works out.

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