Megan Fox Talks To Dolphins And Loves Science In An Ad For A Product We’ve Forgotten Already

11.08.12 5 years ago 7 Comments

Megan Fox had a baby six weeks ago, although no one heard about it until three weeks after the birth because she didn’t pimp her kid out to the tabloids like some people do. She also gave the kid a regular name, Noah, as opposed to something like Apple or Fax Machine or Disestablishmentarianism. So right there we’re already thinking she’s pretty cool as far as celebrities go, but did you know about her secret passion for marine biology?

In an advertisement for Acer computers, Megan Fox walks out of a pitch meeting for a movie about “unicorns, zebras, you’re in your underwear… in space” so that she can focus on her dream of communicating with the dolphins. Although the real life Megan Fox is into archeology, the Acer ad version of Megan Fox is invited by a team of primarily-male scientists to translate their dolphin’s vocalizations.

See, it’s funny because any woman who’s attractive just has to be dumb, right? Hilarious.

(H/T: io9)

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