Metro: Last Light’s Trailers Are Appropriately Russian, Depressing

THQ wants to be very sure you play Metro 2033, to the point where they’re giving it away for free on their Facebook page (so much so that said page has crashed), and in their Humble THQ Bundle, wrapping up business tomorrow.
This is partially to promote Metro: Last Light, the game’s upcoming sequel. There’s a reason: This is not just Call of Duty in a subway with more mutants and Russians, but as we’ve discussed before, they’ve got to explain to people with gamertags like SWAGYOLO69LOL why they should play a game when bullets are money, the subway is home, and being outside is death.
Hence, a string of live-action trailers fleshing out the game world that are actually pretty compelling in their own right: Two-minute short stories that offer a snapshot of the desperate circumstances surrounding everybody in this game.

It’s kind of an odd way to explain why ammo is also currency in this game, but it does tug at the heart strings a bit; out of all of these people, this woman has lost the most.

As you might have guessed, being in the military in the middle of a disaster is… not exactly a ticket to respect, especially if you’re the guy who makes the call to lock the doors on thousands.

Yeah, if we’d been going around screaming about Armageddon, and nobody listened to us, and then we became the spiritual leader, we’d be a bit smug too.