Michigan Police Are Reportedly Ticketing ‘Pokemon Go’ Players

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Pokemon Go is a worldwide phenomenon and an annoyance at the same time. As the game requires players to get off the couch and wander around their neighborhoods finding Pokestops and catching little monsters, they’ve gone off cliffs in the process. Everyone from people baffled by the phenomenon to business owners to far-right talk-radio guests have found the game and its players a wee bit irritating. But police in Michigan have taken it one step further, and have started handing out tickets.

A Facebook user posted a photo of her ticket and the full story behind how she got it, which has since been made private. But the ticket rather hilariously cites “playing Pokemon Go” as a misdemeanor:

A call to the St. Clair Shores Police Department yielded no comment.

This is just the latest salvo in a consistent problem of Pokemon Go players wandering around late at night. Granted, few of them go to the extremes that we’ve seen being reported on, but it’s easy to stumble afoul of the law even if you think you’re legally in the clear. Before wandering into any public space after dusk, it’s worth checking local and state ordinances about when parks close and what constitutes trespassing in those scenarios. Unless you can get a legendary. A legendary would totally be worth it.

(Via Facebook)

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