Microsoft Finally Killing Off Points?

01.24.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Microsoft Points are awful, awful things. Seriously. They are. So, even though we question the source of this rumor, we really hope that it’s true.

For those unfamiliar, if you want to buy things on the XBox Marketplace, you have to buy “points”, instead of just giving them your credit card, like a grown adult. Not that you want to give Microsoft your credit card right now, but the point is, it added an unnecessary and annoying step to what should be a simple transaction.

And now, according to “Inside Mobile Apps”, a site nobody has heard of, Microsoft is punching Points’ ticket. This would be a relief on multiple levels: it’d strip out the need for an extraneous transaction; it wouldn’t force you to spend real money to buy a false currency; and it’ll also help with foreign exchange and inflation problems, since Microsoft sets an arbitrary number of points for items online instead of letting its vendors set, you know, an actual price.

So, we really hope this is true. And then after you fix this, Microsoft, how about giving up the ghost on Gold and just letting us actually use our Internet connections and consoles that we paid for the way we want to?

image by yum9me on Flickr

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