Mummy Reboot to Get Rebooted, Creativity to Die In Hollywood

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04.05.12 8 Comments

The reboot of “The Mummy” was an entertainingly ridiculous action adventure movie that pretty much answer the question of what happens when you give a sugared-up fourteen year old a hundred million dollars and tell him to make the most awesome Indiana Jones ripoff ever. The sequels were…well…they existed. The second one was this weird amalgam of movie references ranging from Kurosawa to “Star Wars” that pretty much destroyed any semblance of respectability the franchise had. And the third one was just awful.

But they made money, and lots of it, so Universal, having completely run out of gas with this whole “coming up with your own franchises” thing, has decided to commission a reboot script.

We’re sure this will end almost as well as opening Imhotep’s tomb.

image courtesy Universal

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